Training at BSides OK April 10th-11th 2018

Malware Discovery and Basic Analysis

When: April 10th-11th 2018

Where: BSides OK (Just southwest of Tulsa)

Course Description:

Malware Discovery and Malware Analysis is an essential skill for today’s Information Security, Security Operations Center (SOC), and IT professionals. This course is perfect for people wanting to improve and get faster at Incident Response.

This course focuses on performing fast triage and how to discover if a system has malware, how to build a malware analysis lab and perform basic malware analysis quickly. The goal and objective to apply the results to Malware Management with actionable information to improve your Information Security program. Tools and techniques used and steps to analyze malware to determine if a system is clean or truly infected will be covered. The concept of Malware Management, Malware Discovery and Basic Malware Analysis will be discussed with exercises linking the three concepts together.